1. You certify that you are the parent or legal guardian of the child or children you are placing into the lottery.
  2. For the purpose of this lottery and associated enrollment determinations a family is defined as a parent or guardian with legal custody of a child or children. Siblings are two or more children with the same legal custodian.
  3. All lottery notifications, offers and enrollment materials will be distributed electronically. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all contact information entered into the system is current and accurate. It is highly recommended that you whitelist our email address (enrollment@renacademy.org) using the spam tools provided by your e-mail provider. This will ensure your reciept of important and time sensitive communications regarding your status in the lottery system. Past experience suggests this is particularly important for gmail recipients.
  4. You agree to keep your contact information in the system current. If your contact information changes after registration, you will update the information via the registration portal or by emailing enrollment@renacademy.org with the necessary changes.
  5. You certify that the information for the children entered in the lottery is accurate. If a child is incorrectly placed at the time of the lottery due to bad information (such as incorrect grade), the only remedy will be for the child to be placed at the bottom of the waiting list or removed from the lottery.
  6. If you receive an offer for your student, said offer will contain an expiration date. You must follow the directions contained in the offer and accept the position in the specified timeframe. You will have 7 days from acceptance of an offer to submit your completed enrollment package.
  7. Please note-the enrollment package will require submission of the following documentation. It is highly recommended that you gather this information before the lottery is run to ensure that if you receive an offer, you will be able to submit your completed enrollment package within the 7 day window.
      a. Birth certificate
      b. Immunization records
      c. Documentation of legal custodial or guardianship, if applicable
      d. Explanation of previous behavioral issues, if applicable
      e. Copy of student’s IEP or 504, if applicable
      f. Free or reduced lunch applications, if applicable
      g. Kindergarten students-physical with vision screening (physician’s signature required).
      h. Student entering 7th grade- provide proof of TD or TDAP booster shot.
  8. Sibling preference provisions: If you are registering multiple children for the lottery, upon acceptance of an offer for your first child, your remaining children will receive sibling preference. This will move them ahead of non-siblings on their grade level wait list. However, if an initial offer is accepted, and later declined, all sibling preference will be rescinded. This includes any subsequent offers and those students will return to their original position on the waitlist.
  9. Providing false or misleading information, attempting to add a student multiple times in the lottery, or otherwise violating these terms and conditions may result in your removal from the lottery.